Tantric love making course


The online tantric love making course consists of 11 lessons.  You can learn tantric lovemaking with and without a partner based on: Trust, Surrender, Equivalence and Aimlessness.

The tantric love making cours is recommended by Your Love to strengthe intimacy during online couples therapy.


Difference Tantric love making and Tantra sex

Tantric love making or tantra sex how do you do it? We speak of Maithuna, which is the term in Sanskrit for tantric love making, loving love making to strengthen intimacy. These words do more justice to the most beautiful, intense, love experience that everyone may experience. An experience in the Present, full of surrender, feeling, trust that can turn into an ecstatic flow.

How can you make love?

Your life energy (Kundalini) starts to flow between the chakras and forms one big energetic whole. Together you express the love for each other. Step by step you will get an explanation, by means of drawn postures (asanas), how tantric sex also makes your love and sexuality experience more intense. As a woman (Shakti) and man (Shiva) you learn to let go of the goal of orgasm. This will bring you into an orgasmic state, without having to, into a timeless experience where you want to stay for a long time.

Does it include positions like the Kamasutra?

The positions in the Kamasutra are "primal urges" based purely on lust, the individual sex experience and focused on orgasm. Tantric love making is a loving, prolonged sexuality experience between two partners from the feeling, to finally be able to live a transcendent experience from an orgasmic state in the Present. In this loving exstatic flow, various asanas (postures) are adopted to enhance the energy exchange.

Background tantra / tantric life

Tantra is an over two thousand year old way of life from the East with origins in India. In Hinduism and Buddhism are referential writings and ideologies that deal with yoga, meditation and sexuality. Tantra is a word in Sanskrit that means something like weaving which refers to the energy exchange between the individual and the universe. In the Western world it is often thought to be purely about sex, but it is mainly about living in the Present from your feelings. When you look only at the sexual, we are talking about Maithuna (tantric love making).

In some cultures, sex is seen as something sinful and only functional for procreation. In the tantric way of life, tantra sex is sacred based on trust, surrender, equality and purposelessness. In the Maithuna, lovers let their sexual energy flow and mix it with cosmic consciousness. This makes tantra sex a spiritual experience with accompanying rituals.

Many women have discovered their pleasure through tantra sex due to the equality with deep respect and understanding for each other. In the Western world, most couples are focused on orgasm and ejaculation. Foreplay is optional and for many men is separate from the 'sex' with the goal of reaching a climax, often as quickly as possible, a 'quickie'. Tantrists enjoy themselves throughout the love game, which is a long, passionate, orgasmic union.

Multiple orgasm man

Relaying the male orgasm is a big secret of tantric love making, where there is a difference between orgasm and ejaculation. Many men see orgasm as the peak of sexual buildup. By practicing discipline, breathing techniques and patience, a man can learn to delay ejaculation. As a result, he still experiences waves of orgasmic pleasure, which is what you learn in the tantric love making course. In this way, it is possible for the love game to be longer, more intense and more intimate for him and her.

Everything is allowed, nothing is obliged

Tantric sex is enjoyment where everything is allowed, nothing is required. This way you can explore the boundaries of pleasure together.

Time for Tantric sex

Tantric love making takes time. An hour is a start and can grow to 8 hours and more.

Can anyone have tantric sex?

Anyone can have tantric sex with and without a partner. Within a relationship, respect, intimacy and love grows through Maithuna. As a woman (Shakti) you start to feel more intensely and as a man (Shiva) you get more patience and energy.

How long does it last?

Tantric love making is timeless. If there is a lot of time, you can make beautiful (transcendental) journeys to another dimension through practice. Even the 'weekly 11 minutes' become more intense with the skills of tantric lovemaking.

What is ecstatic flow?

In ecstatic flow, your consciousness becomes bigger than just yourself; you feel connected to something bigger than yourself. It involves a moment when you are outside of yourself. It helps to clear your head and connect with your body. You feel one with your partner, the music, the atmosphere, the universe... Your consciousness moves in a way that feels good and is good for you. A moment you experience together with your partner or alone.

What else do you learn?

Experimentation can be done together and alone. You experience the generation of Kundalini (sexual energy). As a woman you will learn to pulse, the pumpkin technique and become one with your Yoni (vagina). As a man, you learn techniques to delay orgasm. Combining your skills, you will become intuitive and then experience the climax of an ecstatic flow.

Relieve menstrual pain?

Tantric sex helps relieve menstrual pain which is also explained in course.

Tantric sex or tantric love making what is that?

If your partner has no or insufficient erection, or even no Lingam (penis), it is possible to experience the Maithuna. The circulation of energy is triggered by the intention, asanas and pompoir technique, apart from penetration.


ADHD? In the course Martin explains how the 'hyper-energy' can flow for even more intensity.


Tantric sex and massage are both forms of expression to reduce irritation, frustration, aggression and depression. Tantric massage can be learned during the private course consisting of 10 lessons. You can learn more about tantric living in the tantra course.

No more "11-minute sex"?

Tantric love making is different love making. The difference with animals is that humans have consciousness. Making love differently from love and consciousness. It is not that tantra rejects our 'primal urges'. With tantra you realize that there is more than desire and lust. Conscious love making gives your sex life a deeper dimension. After a while, 'flat sex' becomes unfulfilling. Loving and conscious sex according to the tantric insights is an enrichment of your life.

Tantric sex is a joint effort, a loving 'game'. The goal is not to come, the goal is to enjoy each other's body, the touch, the energy and to enjoy lust and love. It is not a "workout. It's not about ejaculation and cumming as much as possible, it's not about performance. It's not about the 'doing', it's about the 'being'.

Scientifically, you do sex alone and many people stay in their heads. Tantric sex is a fusion of two energies and, with the right partner, souls. It's about the touch, the movements, the eye contact where the kundalini starts flowing through the bodies. It makes you more alive and energetic. Each experience is unique, it is different every time and the more you make tantric love together the more intense it becomes.

After years of "flat sex" with all kinds of toys, maybe even narcotics, you come to the point where you ask yourself, "Is this it? The answer is: Tantric love making;)

Does it have anything to do with yoga?

There is a close connection to yoga, even though Tantra can be placed in a separate category.
Three adjectives to define traditional sex: Hasty, genital-centric and superficial. Tantric sex we can refer to with: complex, deep and attentive.

Can only one of the two partners be tantric?

Of course it can, and this can greatly help the partner who allows themselves to be led to trust themselves and let go to discover new sensations and better self-awareness. Within tantric sex, the body shows itself all kinds of new sides and gives new sensations.

Is tantric sex mostly natural or does it include external aids such as sex toys?

Mostly it is natural because it is based on the principle that we already have within ourselves the necessary "tools" to explore, search, transcend and expand the baggage of sexual knowledge. Total harmony between body and mind is an inexhaustible source of eroticism. Of course, this does not mean that sex toys are forbidden, only that they can be a complementary, but not essential, game.

Does Tantra help couples have a longer relationship?

Helps couples get to know each other without secrets, improve spontaneity and give to each other without reservations, pretexts, taboos or censorship. In fact, it helps to exploit sexual arousal in a conscious way to increase vital energy and dominate emotions, as well as to find perfect harmony with the partner. The result is an extraordinary improvement of intimacy and complicity, fundamental ingredients to ensure a longer duration of a relationship.


Lovers tell

Tess (28)

Most intense connection, transcending everything, you really feel each other, letting go of everything, without thinking, you touch the core... you feel the energy flowing in the moment, my whole heart is open, I feel Love. The more often I release the tantric the more intense it becomes. Actually it is hard to describe, not straightforward, intuitive and always different. In one word: GODDLY!!!

George (43)

In ecstatic flow your consciousness becomes larger than just yourself, you feel connected to something larger than yourself. It is about a moment when you are outside of yourself. It helps to clear your head and connect with your body. You feel one with your partner, the music, atmosphere, the universe... Your consciousness moves in a way that feels good and is good for you. A moment you experience together with your partner or alone.

Bob (37)

Making love where you think of nothing and purely enjoy the moment. You have all the time... With the right partner, intention and atmosphere you experience the most intimate sensation in a long lasting orgasmic state. The tantric lovemaking course is helping me on my way to writing my own 'travel stories'.

Martin thank you, for sharing your knowledge and experience in a frank way.

Ellen (37)

For me the experience of tantric love making is the most special, but also the most intangible thing there is.

Think and feel how nice it is when you can be yourself completely in contact with the other, really completely as you are. Not some role in which you adapt, need your wall, always feel or need something of restraint. You probably know the feeling that you think you are yourself and it's okay, but somewhere inside you feel that you have accepted how things are or are going, because maybe that's how it 'should' be. You think you are demanding, not trying hard enough, maybe it's just you and so on. The feeling of being completely yourself is fantastic and is something that every person loves to experience and is looking for.

Many people make love and think they are enjoying it, or they are not enjoying it, but they don't know how or if it can be done differently. In tantric sex you don't think, you come into a flow where thinking doesn't participate. So thinking in advance about how it will go is not even possible. It's not at all about achieving something, doing your best, pleasing the other person. The flow of tantric lovemaking is about experiencing intimacy, the energy of you together, completely from your feelings. The whole world fades away and doesn't matter. It is the feeling of complete trust, surrendering to the moment, forgetting time, feeling pure love. For me it is vulnerable, can feel very emotional, and that can be very exciting, but at the same time I feel that this is it. This is life, everything comes together. It's never the same, unimaginable and different every time. Maithuna makes me a more loving and complete person and has taught me to love myself and others more without fear and uncertainty. Not thinking, just feeling regardless of whether you call it tantric sex or tantric love making.